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Business Development at the IT University of Copenhagen

As hotbeds of new knowledge and technology, universities are essential catalysts of innovation. Since 1999, knowledge and technology from the IT University of Copenhagen have been converted to more than 100 faculty and student startup companies, creating new wealth and jobs in the wider Danish society.

Students at itu

Licensing IP & Technologies

Opportunities from our patent portfolio

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Researchers at itu

Research Spinoffs

Futher develop or commercialise your research

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Students at itu

Student Startups

Opportunities for students to start a company

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This is how can we help you

The university has a well-established process for evaluating commercial potential of inventions created by faculty and PhD students, where some become attractive licensing opportunities or the basis for new spin-offs.

For students

When you're starting a company for the first time, it can be a little intimidating. We make it easier with workshops, events & activities which are meant to give you the proper network & skills to start your own company and build a prototype.

For researchers

As a researcher you might have made an invention or a piece of software which is valuable but might still need work to be commercialised. With us onboard you can reach its true potential and spin-off into a standalone company with our help.

For Industry

Intellectual property stemming from research conducted at the IT University including patented technologies, software, data and know-how can be offered for commercial use, under licence from ITU Business Development A/S.


From research to successful commercial product

Kasper Stoy and Andres Faina next to a photo of the liquid handling robot

Kasper Støy, Andres Faina

"ITU Business Development has helped us transform our research idea into a company and is still today an active partner in moving our high potential company forward."

A new liquid handling robot developed as a spin-off company by researchers at the IT University of Copenhagen is set to improve work processes in laboratories by making it easy to automate repetitive and physically demanding tasks.

Read more about the start of the company in the ITU press announcement

Flow Robotics website

Student Startups

Here are some of the student-led companies we've had the pleasure of supporting along the years.
The journey of starting a company and applying your knowledge in practice remains an invaluable experience!

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