Business Development at
the IT University of Copenhagen

As hotbeds of new knowledge and technology, universities are essential drivers of innovation. Since 1999, knowledge and technology from the IT University of Copenhagen, has been converted to more than one hundred faculty and student start-up companies, creating new wealth and jobs in the wider Danish society. Relative to size, the IT University of Copenhagen is the number one university in Denmark in student venture creation.

How can we help you?

The university has a well-established process for evaluating commercial potential of inventions created by faculty and PhD students, where some go to become attractive licensing opportunities or the basis for new spin-outs.

For students

Getting started can be tough when you are new to the entrepreneurship game. We make it easier with workshops, events & activities meant to we give you the proper network & skills to start your company.

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For ITU researchers

If you, as a researcher at ITU, have made an invention or a piece of software which might be commercially valuable, you can reach it's true potential and spinoff into a standalone company with our help.

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Industry & Corporate

Intellectual property from the IT University – including patented technologies, software, data and know-how can be offered for commercial use, under licence from ITU Business Development.

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Our Recent Cases

Some examples of companies & spinoffs where we were able to help entrepreneurs succeed.

Flow Robotics Logo

Flow Robotics A/S

A new liquid handling robot developed by researchers at the IT University of Copenhagen is set to change work processes in laboratories by making it easy to automate repetitive and physically demanding tasks.

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Ima Read - Get Reading Done

Ima Read

The goal of Ima Read is to optimize digital reading habits. They are addressing various customer segments that deal with reading on a daily basis, currently designing their cloud-based solution from the point of view of a typical university student.

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Tiimo helps ADHD children to structure their day using an assistive technology application on their smartwatch. Set up the child's daily activities, which will appear on the clock, offering support through out the day.

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Don't take our word for it

The best endorsement is doing a good job, and these people have something to say about that

ITU Business Development has helped us transform our research idea into a company and is still today an active partner in moving our high potential company forward.

Kasper Støy,
Founder & CEO of Flow Robotics A/S

ITU Business Development helped us get a qualified validation of our concept and has played an important role in establishing connections to key players in our industry.

Nikolaj Hass,
Founder & Lead Software Developer at Fluency