Business Development at the IT University of Copenhagen

As hotbeds of new knowledge and technology universities are essentiel drivers of innovation. Since 1999, knowledge and technology from the IT University of Copenhagen, has been converted to more than one hundred faculty and student start-up companies, creating new wealth and jobs in the wider Danish society. Relative to size, the IT University of Copenhagen is the number one university in Denmark in student venture creation. The university also has a well-established process for evaluating commercial potential of inventions created by faculty and PhD students, where some go to become attractive licensing opportunities or the basis for new spin-outs.

New venture creation

100+ companies have roots at the IT-University and in ITU education and research. These companies work within a variety of different areas such as game design, app development, eye tracking technology, digital design and communication, data security, fashion, accounting and medical imaging. New companies continue to be created by students, faculty and alumni from the IT University and ITU Business Development A/S strive be their number one partner.

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