About us

ITU Business Development is a private limited company
owned 100% by the IT University in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Commercialisation of new knowledge and technology

The company was established in September 2014 in accordance with the Tech-Transfer Law for publicly funded institutions. Our mission is, with a commercial aim and following market conditions, to manage activities in connection with technology transfer.

These activities include but are not limited to:
  • Identification
  • Assessment
  • Protection
  • Marketing
  • Transfer

of new knowledge that can be used in a commercial setting.

Currently we manage most technology transfer activities on behalf of the IT University and through our activities we proactively work to identify new and promising inventions which ITU Business Development may support and protect through direct investments.


ITU Business Development can acquire shares in other companies and fund subsidiary companies with the sole purpose of maturing an invention while protecting the IP rights (IPR).

As we are a separate legal entity from the IT University this allows us to promote the transfer of knowledge and technologies from public research to industry and at the same time limit the economical risks to the capital investment of founding ITU Business Development.

We can invest in both development companies (modningsselskaber) and university spin-offs in which the university still retain the rights to company IPR (through licensing agreements) or owns equity.

The IT University's vision: Atrium in ITU

ITU is the university preferred by researchers and students who want to develop & share knowledge that is deep, benefits humanity, and leads to the creation of ground-breaking information technologies and services.