Our Team

Meet the people behind ITU Business Development

Kristine Helen Falgren

Chief Executive Officer

Kristine comes from a position at Reykjavik University where she worked with the development of tech transfer activities and university-business relations. She has studied art, political science and psychology and has a MBA. She has a special interest in how to attract more girls and women to the STEM subjects and in female entrepreneurship.

Get in touch: kristine@itu-bd.dk

Vlad Gidea

Startup Programme Coordinator

Vlad is currently a student at the IT-University, one of the founders and coordinator of the Startup Programme, an early stage incubator for ITU students. Vlad is also leadingf ITU Innovators, a grass-roots community of entrepreneurs in the university. He holds a degree in Design and another bachelor in Innovation and Entrepreneruship.

Get in touch: vlad@itu-bd.dk

Kristoffer Heeris

Business Developer & Analyst

Kristoffer is working with business development and holds a bachelor degree in innovation and entrepreneurship. He has a special interest in developing early stage startups into businesses and has experience from his own startup and various different accelerator programs. He is working with both student entrepreneurs and spin-offs from ITU.

Get in touch: kristoffer@itu-bd.dk

Board of Directors

Niels Bo Theilgaard

Chairman of the board

Niels Bo is the CEO of GamesOnTrack A/S, and a board member in both Systematic A/S and Marstrand Innovation A/S. As an experienced entrepreneur he has been involved with succesful start-ups, such as Beologic and 7T, but also learned from not so succesful ventures. Niels holds a PhD from DTU.

Ulrik Jensen

Board member

Ulrik is currently the executive chairman of iMotions A/S and also the chairman and co-founder of WriteReader. He invests in technology through UJ Holding which provides capital and hands-on operational assistance to new companies. Ulrik has a degree from Stanford University, California.

Malene Fagerberg

Board member

Malene is as an attorney & partner from the Scandinavian law firm NJORD. Malene advices start-ups and spin-offs of IP protection and rights. In addition, Malene has in-house experience from an international industrial firm which provided her with a broad skill set to consistently deliver and ability to act.

Georg D Steffensen

Board member

Georg is currently the university director at ITU and prior head of Finance and HR. He is the executive chairman of the board for continious education for university employees, head of the board for Danish University HR Managers and a board member in Venture Cup.

Jørgen Staunstrup

Board member

Jørgen Staunstrup runs his own concultancy business and is also a board member of the Alexandra Institute, The Sino-Danish University Center and IT Living Lab. He was previosuly the provost of the IT-University and holds a PhD from the University of Southern California.